Likes and Dislikes

In college, my wife had a journal that she passed around to everyone. Each person would write down their likes and dislikes. It was fun to read because some considered it a serious effort, others merely fun. Every day I run across things that I like and dislike. Here are some of my likes from the past week:

  • Lifetime Fitness
  • Lightroom for most of my photo needs
  • My wife, my kids
  • Google Reader – love it but I wouldn’t call it efficient. Don’t forget to add as a subscription
  • Delta tools are hand for building pinewood derby cars for cub scouts
  • Home Depot – paint for the girls’ room this week. something else every other week
  • Chai tea – my daily indulgence
  • Podcasts – see my previous blog entry
  • Our neighbors
  • Open Door
  • Living in America
  • Lost – 11 days to go

My dislikes:

  • Really cold weather without snow. How many snowstorms have been promised but missed our house this year?
  • The pile – every house has one and it grows until it must be destroyed (or sorted)
  • Forgetting why I went upstairs…or downstairs
  • Verbing of the English language. Have you noticed how often people use words as verbs when they’re not meant for that?
  • Phrases like, “It is what it is”
  • Long blog entries
  • Anything Hershey’s, except mint kisses
  • Recycling bins that are too small
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