Santa Lucia, Santa Claus and Uncle Sam

Santa Lucia

Santa Lucia

We’ve just come through a season of giving. Everyone is familiar with Santa Claus. His origins are numerous, both pagan and Christian, but are typically associated with generous giving. On December 13th, or near to it, our family celebrates Santa Lucia Day. Saint Lucy lived around 300 AD and, as told in one story, helped Christians who were hiding in the catacombs by bringing supplies to them. We commemorate this act of giving each year by having one of our daughters wear the candle crown and sharing food with the rest of the famiy. Afterward, as a family we talk about ways we can help others and then we do just that.Though we give throughout the year, we take even more time to consider it in December because we are surrounded by more visibile requests and we’re thinking about taxes. Uncle Sam does both giving and taking,  but we can influence how much he takes through charitable contributions and we can direct giving to those we most want to support. Some of the places we give cannot be deducted, but many are.Here are some of the people (through organizations) that we’ve been able to support:Local:



Check out the links if you’re interested. It’s clear that many charitable organizations are financially challenged.

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  1. MAnderson says:

    Just a note to encourage you in your mission. PGM has been a part of our life most of the years mentioned. God Bless. PrayTheLoop.Info