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Tracking what they read

I’m excited that my kids have taken an interest in reading the Bible. Anders wrapped up Leviticus several weeks ago and recently finished the Psalms. I was certainly not reading the Bible that much at age seven. Elena is also … Continue reading

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Likes and Dislikes

In college, my wife had a journal that she passed around to everyone. Each person would write down their likes and dislikes. It was fun to read because some considered it a serious effort, others merely fun. Every day I … Continue reading

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If you haven’t explored podcasts, but you like the spoken word, you need to get connected. I started by listening to them on my computer but soon found a better way to do it, through a piece of software, Newsbreak,¬†on … Continue reading

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Invincible at Four

We all see it. Those that are younger than us, and for me, that’s about half the population, seem to think they are invincible. Does the idea come from their limited life experiences? Maybe so. Check out this Wii Bowl … Continue reading

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Resolutions and Habits

Do you have an elevator speech for the most common question asked on Jan 1st, “What are your new year’s resolutions?” If you get tired of the question, consider that the anything that has been around for more than 2000 … Continue reading

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