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Snapshot in time

My daughter Elena celebrated her eleventh birthday today. Long ago we started a tradition in our family of breakfast in bed for the one who we’re celebrating. And though we have cake most birthdays, the breakfast event is a do … Continue reading

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A wookie chorus

This is a very good, creative Star Wars clip.Salute to John Williams

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Books read in 2008

I typically maintain a list of books I’ve read each year. I’ve created a page to list books read in 2008.

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Things I’ve stopped doing

Do you every stop to think about things that you’ve stopped doing? Here are a few things that came to mind for me: Buying and selling individual stocks and stock options – only occasionally now Touching up paint on my … Continue reading

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What’s in a name?

I’ve been thinking about names following the recent political season. We had two candidates for president, John McCain and Barack Obama. Had McCain won, the United States would have carried on the tradition of very ordinary first names. Those in … Continue reading

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On the nightstand

I took a quick inventory of my books on the nightstand. I’m never satisfied with one book at a time, but it doesn’t mean I finish them any faster. Bible, ESV bookmarked at I Timothy War of Words: Getting to … Continue reading

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Save the milkman?

With the slowing economy, every family is reviewing their spending habits, mine included. If you have a budget in place, you have a starting point. I used to itemized spending into a very detailed budget and tracked it with Quicken and later with Money. … Continue reading

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